• Moss Haggadah

    In 1983, David Moss was commissioned to produce an individual, hand-made haggadah, in the tradition of the medieval illuminated manuscript. On its completion, it was so well received by all who saw it, that its owner, Richard Levy, graciously agreed… read more…

    Moss Haggadah
  • Love Letters

    Reviving the Illuminated Ketubah. In 1968 I stumbled into this abandoned garden of Jewish love and somehow sensed that it might not be dead but, miraculously, merely dormant. With all the energy and care I could muster, I watered and… read more…

    Love Letters


Bet Alpha Editions, founded in 1985 by the artist David Moss and Neil and Sharon Norry, is committed to producing the finest examples of Jewish arts and letters and to make these available to the public. David Moss, began his artistic career by reinventing the art of the illuminated Jewish wedding contract (ketubah). He has created the famous Moss Haggadah, which is considered by some to be the finest original Haggadah. Bet Alpha Editions has produced many Jewish texts in the tradition of the artist’s book and original works of art which we offer as fine art prints. David and Bet Alpha Editions have a mission to produce items which enrich Jewish life and learning, and that will be part of your family’s heritage.

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