The Bet Alpha Minyan

Bet Alpha offers an attractive, reasonably priced, ongoing subscription plan of signed, numbered, limited edition works of art for organizations and individuals who love David’s work and wish to support and collect it. Subscribers commit to receiving a new, surprise work up to four times a year. We call this our Minyan.

Here’s the minyan you don’t have to get up early for!

A minyan of reasons that minyannaires give for joining The Bet Alpha Minyan:

  1. I love being part of a minyan without getting up at 6 a.m.
  2. I love the idea of being a patron of the arts. The Medici…the Sforza…Lord Chesterfield…Me…
  3. I love the admiring stares and dropped jaws when people walk into my home and spot the latest David Moss print on my wall.
  4. It’s like Chanukah three or four times a year—the surprise and delight of opening a package and finding something beautiful inside, just for me.
  5. I never have to shop for gifts. They’re right here, ready to be given. And the recipients are bowled over every time.
  6. I share with my kids’ Jewish Day School, which has a terrific arts program. All this is teachable art and is meant to be shared. And each piece comes with an explanatory folder. I always learn something new and unexpected.
  7. I subscribe for my synagogue, on the principle of hiddur mitzvah—beautifying our observance of the commandments. At the same time I’m supporting David’s lifelong mission of bringing beauty to the Jewish world.
  8. I just love David’s art and how he’s devoted himself to it all these years. It’s also nice to know that some pieces have tripled in value and some have sold out. And I have one!
  9. I love how David infuses his art with Jewish values. I’m proud to support this inspiring and authentic Jewish expression.
  10. I love that David teaches in camps and schools and teaches teachers how to convey Jewish values with art. That’s what I want to support.

So get to the point, already…what is this minyan all about?

It’s a subscription plan. You sign up (see below) and three or four times a year, a new, signed, limited edition David Moss fine art print arrives at your doorstep. At half the regular cost.

  • New subscribers start with the four most recent installments. Each installment is called a Minyan Morsel. Some Morsels have more than one print.
  • New subscribers have the option of acquiring the catch-up set: every print (that hasn’t sold out) that’s been part of the minyan since its inception. At half the original price. Even if the price has gone up.
  • After that, you get each new print automatically.
  • At any point, members may purchase any of the previous Minyan Morsels (and most other items on our website, at a 25% discount off the current price.


  • Will my card be automatically charged for an amount I’m not expecting?
    Every member gets an email several days before credit cards are charged. It includes the price of the new print. That, plus shipping, is the amount that will be charged to your card.
  • Is there a maximum price of each installment?
    The cost to you of each installment is around $400 plus shipping, with a yearly maximum of $1600. Some years the total is less.
  • What if I’ll be out of town the week the prints are shipped?
    When you receive the email, please let us know right away and we’ll hold your print until you come home.
  • This is a subscription. So are there monthly or recurring fees?
    No. You pay only for the works you receive.
  • What if I have a new credit card I want to use?
    When you receive the email, that’s the time to let us know about expired cards, new cards, new address, new baby (so we can say Mazal Tov!) and any other changes.
  • Why do you call it a minyan?
    When I developed the minyan concept, I was hoping to find ten people who understood and appreciated my art and were willing to support my mission. The minyan now comprises many times that number, but the name still suggests a committed group of people coming together for a common Jewish goal.

Ready to join? It’s easy.

Just call Bet Alpha Editions at 510-527-5258 and tell Esther to save you a nice spot near the eastern wall. Or email [email protected].

If you’re heading to Jerusalem, visit me at my studio and see the whole collection in Chutzot HaYotzer, the Artists’ Lane behind the King David Hotel.

David Moss