Translation Sampler

Here’s a small sampling of the hip OMG Bencher


Here’s an uplifitng song:
When God returned us to Zion
We totally thought “We must be dreaming.”


We were like completely giggle mouthed and happy tongued.
People all over the world said:
Wow! Is that ever awesome what God did for them.


They started out by planting in tears, then, zap! They harvested in total happiness. Yep, they went along crying carrying their seeds, but, whammo, here they come now carrying all these goodies.


Hey guys: let’s just bless!!!!
Ok let God’s name be blessed from now and forever…

The one whose food we’ve eaten and whose goodness keeps us alive is blessed!


And we thank you that you pulled us out from the land of Egypt.


And came to the rescue to free us from that horrible jail.


…and for food to eat…
and for how you just keep us going, each day no matter what, like every single, minute.


So OMG for totally everything we’re soooo grateful to you God, our very own God. So just let blessings to your name pop out of the mouth of every living thing forever…

16 / 17

And btw, God, our very own special God, have a heart for the people of Israel, your people, and for Jerusalem, your city, and for Zion, the special hangout where your magic happens, and for the empire of David, your super superhero, and for that huge, holy temple that’s just waiting to hold your name.


Our God, our sugar daddy, our babysitter, our feeder, our provider, our allowance giver, our hero… yeah, please be our hero and save us quickly from all the bad guys.


And btw, God, our special God, don’t let us depend on favors of others, and not on their hand-outs,


But only on your wonderful, generous, open, holy hands, so that we never, ever feel embarrassed or dissed.


So let’s hope God will bless us all together with total blessing, and let’s all say ‘amen’ to that…


We hope our super kind God will bring us a day that’s always like Shabbat with sweet rest for all times…

We hope our super kind God will renew this New Year with goodness and blessing…

Please open your hand and give every living thing just what it needs…

God should just give strength to his people and bless his people with peace.