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Work of Our Hands


This print is titled The Work of Our Hands and is my ode and homage to the human hand, and in particular to my hands. The title and the central text of this large giclee print is from the very end of Psalm 90:

May the beauty of the Lord, our God, be upon us.
And may the work of our hands be sustained for us.
Yes, the work of our hands, please sustain them for us.

The hand motif is used in both texts and images throughout the work. I have always felt so privileged to be able to make my livelihood through the work of my hands. For me this is a remarkable blessing and, no doubt, therapy as well. Two recent accidents—a bike spill and a knife slash while working—put my hands out of commission temporarily and further drove home the preciousness of my hands to me. The current work is a response.