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Psalm 117



Soon after I began painting on pottery in this style, I developed a Hebrew alphabet based on the way in which pueblo artists divide and fill space. In this piece I have written out Psalm 117 which seemed especially appropriate for this work of merging Hebraic ideas with a particular very regional non-Jewish artistic style.

Let every nation praise God! Let every people exalt Him!

For His graciousness towards us has been abundant,

And the truthfulness of His universal message is eternal.

Written by a poet of a tiny people in a remote corner of the Middle East, it is remarkable how clear the vision of the universality of this message was. That our Psalms continue to be sung daily in a thousand different languages in every corner of the globe bears witness to the power of this message. It seemed appropriate to write out this psalm in the language in which it was written and right in the place in which it was written, but in the style of one of those nations, envisioned by the sweet singer of Israel three thousand years ago.

Edition of the Pueblo Portfolio

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