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Psalm 105:4



This piece incorporates the fourth verse of Psalm 105 with the Hebrew lettering formed by the negative (light) spaces left between the dark geometric patterns:

Seek the Lord and His strength;

Yearn for His presence constantly.

The acts of seeking and yearning both imply a constant, never-ending, lifelong process. The Midrash Tanchumah quotes this verse and states: “Sometimes He appears; sometimes He does not. Sometimes He hears; sometimes He does not. Sometimes He answers; sometimes He does not—Sometimes He is close; sometimes He is not.”

The circular form in which I have made this piece reflects this fundamental truth of the religious life. The verse reads over and over again just as the acts of seeking and yearning never end.

Each Hebrew personal name has a Biblical verse associated with it. This is a verse that incorporates the name itself or begins and ends with the same letters as the name. Many people add this personal verse at the end of their recitation of each Amidah—the central prayer of every service. Psalm 105:4 is my personal verse. Like the name David, it begins and ends with the letter Dalet.

Seven Judaic images inspired by the pottery of the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico
By David Moss

Contained in a “stamped” envelope.

Laid in is a letter to the governor of San Ildefonso Pueblo and this descriptive pamphlet.

The seven giclée prints are done on Epson Fine Art Textured 225 gram paper.

The production was accomplished at the Jerusalem Fine Art Prints Workshop, Israel, under the supervision of Yair Medina and the artist.

Production coordination by Paul Feinstein, Bet Alpha Editions, Berkeley.

The edition is limited to one hundred sixty two sets.

  • One hundred twenty are the standard edition bearing the numbers 1/120 to 120/120.
  • Twenty-two are the deluxe sets each of which contains an original graphic by the artist in addition to the seven prints.
    These bear the Hebrew numbers aleph:kaph-bet to kaph-bet: kaph-kaph-bet.
  • Fifteen are artist proofs with the designation AP.
  • Five are out-of-the-edition samples reserved for the craftspeople who produced the portfolio and are marked HC.

In addition to the sets, there are 120 copies of each print made to be offered separately. These bear the Roman numberals I/CXX to CXX/CXX.

This portfolio is dedicated to our dear daughter, Jackie, the first child in our family
in 1914 years native-born in our land.

Images and all texts © 2006 by David Moss.
All rights reserved.

Edition of the Pueblo Portfolio

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