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Multi-Dimensional Jew


Why are we here? What do we stand for? In short, David was wondering what kind of place could be imagined that would present the specific Jewish responses to life’s big, human concerns.

This print is David’s artistic rendering of these questions. It is a kind of Jewish Mandela where each of us can visualize ourselves as being in the little hole at the very center. Surrounding us, embracing us, is our entire tradition. The print is oriented in the Hebrew manner with the past to the right and the future to the left.

This question-based conceptual map is called The Multi-Dimensional Jew. Indeed, we are all multi-dimensional Jews. We each live in a world of questions. We each live within reach of a precious tradition that has grappled with these questions for thousands of years. This attempt at mapping our Jewish world is a kind of Compass Rose to help orient us within this vast, diverse, all encompassing, and colorful tradition.

The edition is strictly limited to one hundred forty signed and numbered highest quality giclee prints done on 240 gram Arches Fine Art Paper.

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