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A signed, numbered giclee print with hand gilding, traditionally hung on an eastern wall to orient one toward the direction for prayer.

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A “Mizrach” is a traditional Jewish artistic plaque. Mizrach means east and is derived from the Hebrew root associated with the shining forth of the morning sun. The origin of this folk piece of art was the custom of praying towards Jerusalem, which in most of the Jewish world meant facing East. Upon entering a room in which a Mizrach was hung, one would be immediately oriented for the direction of prayer.

This piece I made in a Middle Eastern, oriental style, and have included within it two texts, both crucial to the Mizrach notion, Psalm 113 and the text from the Talmudic Tractate Berachot 30a. In the middle of the print the Hebrew word “Mizrach” shines forth in hand gilded pure leaf gold.

Both of these passages point to intentionality: the Mizrach directs us to the geographic focal point of our existence, focuses our attention and concentration during prayer, and unites us as a people wherever in the world we may find ourselves. The original of this work also seemed to have its own intentionality for the story of its provenance is quite remarkable.

The edition is strictly limited to one hundred forty signed and numbered highest quality giclee prints done on 250 gram Arches Aquarelle Fine Art Paper.

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