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A Blessing for Home


May there be Peace within your walls,
Tranquility within your home.Psalm 122:7

This work is styled after the Byzantine mosaics found throughout Israel. The Psalmist prays fervently for the welfare of Jerusalem and seeks peace for all homes in Israel, from small to great. It is a signed, limited edition giclee print limited to 180 exemplars. The print measures 8 3/4 x 10 1/2 inches and is printed on Epson 225 gram fine Art Paper. This item makes a lovely house-warming gift.


The text for this work seemed an appropriate one for a home. In the psalm, from which this verse is taken, the Psalmist prays fervently for the welfare of Jerusalem and seeks peace for all the homes of Israel, from small to great.

The style I selected for this piece was that of the lovely Byzantine mosaics that are found throughout Israel. Some of the most intriguing are those that were in the ancient synagogues. Typically in these synagogue mosaics we find a graphic reference to the ultimate Jewish home, the Bet HaMikdash–the Temple.

I included one of the most common elements here: the lulav and etrog used during the joyous Sukkot celebration. Sukkot seemed especially relevant for a home blessing, since it is during this week, when we leave the apparent protection of our houses and live only under the protection of God, that we most appreciate and most deeply understand what home means.

I made all of the tiny squares of this piece-representing the many tesserae of a mosaic-with a traditional quill dipped in paint instead of ink.

I pray the prayer for domestic peace expressed in this small, detailed work is fulfilled within all homes in Jerusalem, in Israel, and in the entire world.