Love Letters Testimonials

This book provides a feast for the eyes and for the spirit…Moss’  art is exquisite. He single-handedly reintroduced ketubah illumination into modern Jewish life and has created ketubot of stunning beauty and majesty. The accompanying letters Moss wrote to his clients shed light on his method of working and highlight his concern that each ketubah reflect the uniqueness of each couple… This is a book to treasure.

Nanette Stahl
Judaica Curator
Yale University Library

From his pioneering work in the late 1960s reviving the tradition of creating illuminated Ketubot, David Moss has brilliantly forged new directions in the field of Jewish art. He has continually found new ways to bring fresh insights and meaning for contemporary times. This magnificent new volume is an extraordinary compilation of selected Ketubot that represent the intellect, imagination, and innovation that are the hallmarks of David Moss’s work. It is truly a tour de force.

Grace Grossman
Senior Curator for Judaica and Americana
Skirball Cultural Center
Los Angeles

David Moss’ work over his thirty-five year career has made a major contribution to the revival of the tradition of the Ketubah – celebrating love and marriage through this unique medium in Jewish art. This book captures Moss achievement – allowing each couples unique story to flower within the framework of an age-old ritual practice – and always at a highest possible standard for quality of calligraphy, illustration, and production, which is his hallmark. Moss’ work is a truly admirable marriage of tradition and technique.

James S. Snyder
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

This landmark work by David Moss once again reveals an extraordinary talent, rich in imagination and craftsmanship. With well-chosen gems from classical and modern literature, Moss’s art celebrates love, courtship and marriage in beautiful color and a wide range of imaginative design. It is another of David Moss’ unique contributions to the art of the book and sure to be
treasured by all.

Seymour Fromer,
Director Emeritus,
Judah L. Magnes Memorial Museum

A Masterpiece!

Noam Zion
Shalom Hartman Institute
Author of A Different Night Haggadah